Mark Blakeney

Topfield PVR TAPS

I have created the following TAP programs for the Topfield TMS HD series PVRs. Read more about, and download each TAP from the links provided.

TAP Description
jumpit A skipping TAP that uses binary search jumps.
AskDelete A TAP to prompt the user to delete a playing or recording file immediately after it is manually stopped.
EPGPurge A TAP to fix various EPG problems by periodically purging expired EPG entries.
memdiag A tiny TAP to output free memory statistics every 60 secs to the PVR diagnostics/debug port.

TAP Software Development

If you are interested in TAP software development, see my slightly modified version of FireBirdLib. I have created doxygen output for the FireBirdLib API. Also refer to the documentation about the standard Topfield TAP API.

Topfield-Launcher for SD Topfield PVR

I have also created Topfield-Launcher which is a small GUI application that facilitates the watching of recorded programs directly from the hard disk of an old TF5000 SD series PVR to VLC on your Windows, Mac, or Linux PC.


I was user markb on old the Topfield Australia forums. I am user bulletmark on the Topfield Australia Forums.

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